Discover okinawa

Discover Okinawa is an online training platform created specifically for the Australian travel trade.
Okinawa is a region of Japan consisting of sub-tropical islands; the islands are unique in culture, food, music and of course are home to some of the world’s most breath-taking beaches!
Okinawa is one of Japan’s best kept secrets and one that Australian travelers are sure to enjoy.

Discover Okinawa’s training platform has five modules in total to complete, all of which have been created to expand your knowledge on these stunning islands off southern Japan.

so japan has beaches?

Yes! We all know Japan is well known and popular for skiing and cherry blossoms, however did you know that one can also enjoy an adventure packed getaway with beaches, sub-tropical forests, history and activities all while experiencing a unique blend of the Ryukyu and Japanese culture!
There are over 160 islands in the Okinawan archipelago, 47 of which are inhabited and all of which have a uniqueness like no other, each cater a wide range of traveller interests.
We hope through this training you begin to gain a sense of the diverse culture and rich natural environment that differs from island to island to understand what Okinawa is all about.
Become an expert and discover Okinawa by completing all the modules and training to have the opportunity to win some fantastic Okinawan prizes!

Why do you need to Discover Okinawa?

Expand your knowledge on the sub-tropical islands of Japan to tempt your clients with a unique nature based, uncrowded, destination that they will want to visit and love to explore.  

Have repeat clients that love Japan and are still looking for new and unique ways to experience the country?  Look no further than Okinawa.

Receive invitations to events and updates on all things Okinawa and provide yourself with an opportunity to be invited to a future Okinawa Travel Trade Familiarisation Trip

Be kept in the loop with regular updates on Okinawa throughout the year.